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The Task

The Office of The Collector, Nashik, got in touch with us with a unique request to glorify Nashik as an agri-tourism destination. The medium proposed was a Coffee Table Book. There lay our challenge. How to compress everything about Nashik into a single book, which will fight for space on a coffee table with a dozen similar books. 

The Solution

After a meeting with the Collector, a young dynamic personality, we realised that a mere coffee table book will only contrive his vision. Thankfully he saw it too! With his support we set out on a journey through the length and breadth of the city, unraveling it. What we discovered was so magical that it had to reach out to the world at large. We decided to create a portal which would include everything that mesmerised us, in a structured manner, to have a reach further and broader than a coffee table book ever could. Then CM, Shri Devendra Fadnavis, when presented with the idea, immediately got Airbnb to partner it, taking Nashik beyond the borders of the city.  The Government of Maharashtra inducted “Unravel Nashik” as a model initiative for building agri-tourism across the state. And we got to live a traveller’s dream! 

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