Bringing back the fizz in SodaBottleOpenerWala through the quirks of Rustom.

The Task

SodaBottleOpenerWala – A parsi/Bombay style quintessential restaurant chain was creating boring and run-and-of-the-mill communication, our task is to bring back fun in Sodabottleopenerwala’s life.

The Solution
The secret recipe was very simple, just have fun being a true Parsi Bawa! We brought Rustom to life and let him
loose on social media with his quirks, banter and the no-nonsense Parsi-boy nuances.
So whether it was riding a moment or inviting for Weekend wala parties or presenting the menu, or lauching a new restuarnt, the authentic style of Rustom immediately caught-on and people liked, loved, shared, ordered, and visited the restaurant chain and never failed to marroed maska (love) on social!
  • Digital Strategy
  • Influencer Engagement
  • Regional Content Creation
  • Social Media Management

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