Building Tata Play's premium Broadband service block by block.

Tata Play Fiber
The Task

Tata Play, erstwhile Tata Sky Broadband, was a late entrant in the category against the might of Airtel & Jio. How do you carve a niche, create differentiated communication, and create your space in the high-decibel market?

The Solution

As a brand steward, our role encompasses providing strategic brand communication solutions like positioning the brand and creating a unique visual style reflecting the same philosophy in integrated communication. Helping Tata Play Fiber carve its space with a distinct & clutter-free visual story. 

Helped brand transition from Tata Sky Broadband to Tata Play Fiber by creating the sub-brand identity, visual world, key communication visuals and go-to-market communication. 

  • Brand Strategy
  • Integrated Communication
  • Digital Videos
  • Brand Campaigns

“Helped brand grow customer base from 15,000 to 250,000 lacs++ in 4 years”

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