Expanding market share for a market leader global specialist skincare brand in India.

The Task

Bio-Oil is well known globally for its effective skincare solution for post-natal stretch marks and scars. The major challenge was to launch a 100% natural variant and pit it against their own successful regular variant. 

The Solution

When it comes to pre-natal & post-natal care, nothing works better than advocacy – one mother assuring another mother with an efficacious solution. Therefore, to launch our new 100% natural variant, we activated a battery of 20 mother influencers from pan India who had used Bio-Oil during their pregnancy and launched the new -variant as another efficacious product with 100% natural ingredients from one mom to the other. 

The mothers shared their true experiences with Bio-Oil and recommended the new 100% natural variant to pregnant mothers in an authentic way. To drive more relevance and affinity, we chose mother influencers from pan India and created their content in regional languages. Thus, further increasing the efficacy of the message and embracing both variants. 

  • Digital Strategy
  • Influencer Engagement
  • Regional Content Creation
  • Social Media Management

“Mom to Mom campaign garnered 4.6 million views and 18 million impressions in just 2 days”

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