Launching an Interest-ting pan India campaign.

Tata Housing
The Task

Real estate communications is a cluttered category! Tata Housing wanted to break the clutter with a differentiated campaign for their Low-interest rate offer. 

The Solution

The simple distil of the brief was, Make the campaign interesting! So, we did exactly that and made it Interest-ting! 

Taking a leaf from FMCG style communication where consumer benefit is the hero of the communication and is expressed in a short and simple way. Here the low-interest rate was the hero of the communication, so we did a smart play around interest and made it interesting and simple for everyone to understand. The bold typography and visual style make it stand out in the crowded offer-led communication. 

  • Communication Strategy
  • Brand Campaign
  • Print Communication
  • Innovation OOH
  • Social Media Communication
  • Digital Ad Campaign

“Tata Housing has been on the forefront to undertake strategic initiatives that help home buyers in buying their dream homes. The “It’s Interesting” campaign will break through the clutter with lower interest rates in light of the rising interest rates with the sole purpose of providing homebuyers with a viable choice to purchase their dream home."

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