Breaking clutter in the sea of sameness of communication in Mutual Fund category.

The Task

Every AMC has a Balanced Advantage Fund, how to differentiate the communication when there is no difference in product offering?

The Solution

When there’s no difference in the product offering, the approach to communication helps us create that differentiation. This is how FMCG brands communicate by picking up one word equity. In Mutual Fund category, this was never explored before. We took this leap of simplifying the product benefit to one-word equity and created a clear and distinct FMCG style communication. Thus, breaking the clutter for Kotak Mutual Fund’s Balance Advantage Fund through a memorable campaign – It’s Automatic. The campaign explained the product benefits in a simple & relatable way through a sticky song and a visual devise of It’s Automatic Halo.

  • Brand film
  • 95 cohort edits
  • Reels, Stories and Shorties
  • Still Photography
  • Model Photography
  • Print Ad

“3.5 million YouTube views and 10 million views regionally.”

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