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Stockholding – Digital and Social
The Task

The market is filled with new-age stock-broking apps which are making stock trading a young person’s game. Aggressively pursuing the new affluent young Indian, they are leaving no stone, sorry, deal unexplored, as bait. Freebies, coupons, credit points, memberships, etc. every trick in the proverbial book is being used to populate their platform.  So, what can India’s oldest Stock Breaking App bring to the party? And what would attract this bunch to open DEMAT accounts and start trading with Stockholding?  Without the deals or the freebies, or any such incentives.  

Go, Agency! 

The Solution

When going out to conquer the world, always begin from within! Being the oldest, also means being a pioneer; somebody who’s been doing this from the start. Somebody who started it all. And therein lay the advantage. Done it all, seen it all and the experience of it all is what we offered to the first-time investor. Who is unsure, the markets are tricky, and is looking for a mentor, a serious entity which cuts through the clutter of side noises and guides them to their objective. Straight. Simple. A bunch of campaigns were created with the objective of building Stockholding as an expert in the field. Someone who knew their business and are more than willing to share all the knowledge of the years, with anyone who is serious about building a future. Stockholding quickly regained the lost ground, the new-age apps were laying claim to, further building on it.

  • Digital Campaigns
  • Still & Video Shoots
  • Social Comms
  • Influencer Engagement & Campaigns

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