Branding & Positioning a luxury wellness resort from scratch.

Viveda Wellness
The Task

The founder approached us in early 2018 to create a fresh new luxury wellness brand and position it for success. The brief was clear – they needed a name, identity, design system and digital presence embodying the place’s spirit – A luxury health, wellness center infused with Indian values of hospitality that helps you practise healthy living with ancient knowledge of wellness and health. 

The Solution

We began by experiencing the place and understanding the passionate vision of the founders who detailed the philosophy of this new luxurious wellness village along with finer aspects like bringing together science and ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, involving the local indigenous community, integrating the natural ecosystem in design, architecture and building of the place. 

We brought all this rich information together, weaved it into a common thread called Viveda and extended it across photography, model shoot, website design & user experience and content creation on digital platforms. 

  • Digital Strategy
  • Photography
  • SEO
  • Social Media Management

100% organically grown follower base of 21,000 followers and winner of Vogue, award as top wellness villages in India.

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