Crafted a new emotion in jewelry called The Diamond Happiness.

The Task

How do you create aspiration and affordability for Diamonds while keeping the communication very effective?

The Solution

In a country obsessed with yellow metal, buying diamonds is rare and considered an extravagance. Malabar Gold & Diamond wanted to break this myth and make the diamond more aspiration & affordable for everyone. We began our rigour through consumer interviews and found that the joy after buying diamond jewellery is unparallel and that emotion is beyond happiness. Hence, we coined the emotion “Diamond Happiness”. The emotion struck chords straight with the aspirers and buyers alike that there’s nothing like the diamond happiness. Coupled with different real-life scenarios, the films turned out to be an absolute delight to watch! 

  • Films
  • Reels, Stories and Shorties
  • Model Photography
  • Print Ad
  • In-store branding
  • OOH

The campaign struck chord and drove over 4 million completed views on YouTube.

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