Grooming the brand to suit-up for the digital age.

Set Wet Hair Gels
The Task

Set Wet’s core consumer is Gen-Z, who seldom watches TV. How can Set Wet stay connected and relevant to Gen-Z in the digital 1st world? 

The Solution

Our core focus was to connect with Gen-Z in an interesting way because no one likes boring product ads. The only effective way is to create content they care for, and creating content that’s interesting, sharable, and relatable is daunting for the woke generation. 

We began our quest by conducting syndicated research to understand the cues of styling, the role of grooming, media consumption habits, what matters to Gen-Z, and how the brand can play a role. Based on our findings, we drafted a year-long plan to ace search, social, branded content and partnerships to connect with our core TG in an interesting, sharable and relevant way. 

Some of the high points were a native content creator (Ronit Ashra) led the year-end campaign that focused on summing up the events lost in the COVID during 2021. The campaign garnered 4 million impressions and 2.5 million reach in 7 days. 

The second successful campaign was a disruptive way to launch a new signature range in a true digital native way. We partnered with an Acapella band and created a music video featuring top Gen-Z influencers and meme pages that helped us propel the sales for the new signature range and cumulative reach of 10 million Gen-Zs. 

And lastly, riding the moment marketing wagon and acing it on social. 

  • Digital Strategy
  • Moment Marketing
  • Influencer Engagement
  • Social Media Management
  • YouTube Advocacy

“Set Wet year end campaign garnered 4 million impression and was rallied by Aalim Hakim, Celebrity Stylists, over 50 meme pages, and 300 micro-influencers creating content around the campaign, ”

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