Building a brand in the NGO-tech space!

Points for People by Tata Trust
The Task

Points for People is a pioneer tech company that works in the NGO space by bringing donors to pay through their accumulated reward points. Our task was to define the brand vision, brand assets and communication that helps people understand this unique concept and take action.

The Solution

We conducted a brand thinking workshop with the key stakeholders to understand their vision, product roadmap and sectors of impact through donation. Basis the vision of the stakeholders we created an identity system for Points for People along with its visual world that would help brand stand out and drive action, articulated the brand narrative that would drive the emotional pay-off of this unique concept. Once the brand identity system was in place, we took the idea to design communication framework that would help educate, engage and drive action to donate credit card points for Good.

The consistent digital communication strategy that includes content creation, paid media management to drive action, SEO and social media management helped Points for People make regular patrons for donation of their reward points.

  • Brand strategy
  • Brand identity design
  • Communication framework
  • Creative
  • Digital

"Over 5 years the company has been able to get over 10000+ donors to donate regularly through reward points."

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