Nurturing a homegrown QSR chain brand with an authentic Italian story!

1441 Pizzeria
The Task

1441 Pizzeria launched in 2015 as an authentic woodfired pizza QSR chain leading with some of the industry 1st like make your own pizza, burrata cheese pizza, no-cheese pizza.

As the category expanded the brand started to get lost in the crowded pizza QSR space between high-decibel national pizza brands and home-grown single outlet celebrity home-chef brands.

Our task was to re-craft the Italian story and create a unique positioning for 1441 authentic pizzas!

The Solution

The brand had a legacy of passionate founders driving the Italian story and equally passionate pizza patrons who understood the taste & quality of an authentic Italian pizza and relished it.

Hence, we started with a brand workshop to pick the elements from the passionate brand team and topped it with our online brand listening, consumer interviews and off-course the indulged in pizzas after pizzas at the outlet and home delivery as a part of our research 😉

The result was a piping hot brand platform that helped us capture the essence of 1441 Pizzeria – Making lip-smacking pizzas with authentic ingredients imported from Italy under the guidance of celebrity Italian chef Renato so that you get pizza the way it should be! (Not less, not more, exactly how it should be).

This unique positioning of “The way it should be” was then translated into eye-catching design language that was unmissable over pizza box, brand communication, store design, social media content creation and influencer management to drive brand love across 8 cities in a unified story.

  • Brand strategy
  • Brand positioning
  • Visual design
  • Packaging design
  • In-store branding
  • Digital strategy
  • Content management
  • Influencer management

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