A mesmerising campaign to elevate fancy-cut diamonds and unmatched craftsmanship.

The Task

The easy part of the task was launching new collection of fancy cut diamonds, a surging category amongst celebrities nationally and internationally! The challenging part was how to launch it at par with national & international high-decibel celebrity led campaign.

The Solution

Our rigour began with conducting a deep dive into product category, understanding the latent desires from buyers and aspiring buyers, the emotion that is associated with owning one that celebrities and royalties wear while keeping the product at the core.
The 1st step was naming the collection that captured the essence of the collection and after multiple rounds of iterations we conquered at Allure – a name that embodies the beauty of fancy cut diamonds as well as captures the emotional pay-off of the buyer who will flaunt it.

The next step was to create a visually stunning story that brings alive the beauty of the diamonds, their unique shapes and reflections, we chose a storytelling telling style that mirrored this in a Greek styled set-up and women in their most natural way adorning the beauty of these fancy cut diamonds.
The video treatment accentuated the beauty of these alluring jewellery.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Still Photography
  • Model Photography
  • Social Media Content
  • Brand & Product Launch
  • In-Store branding

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