Keeping calm and countering COVID, through D2C.

Keep Safe – Website, Social & Performance Marketing
The Task

The COVID-19 pandemic hit the pause button on the human race. But it also hit fast forward for the digital space. Marico, the home-grown FMCG giant, saw an opportunity to expand its presence in the D2C category. And this they wanted to do by launching “Keep Safe” in the Premium Hygiene Segment. Simple, eh? Just a teeny-weeny problem – the COVID years saw an influx of n number of hand sanitisers flooding the market. National, international, local, speciality… you name it, the market had it. And then some more. So how does “Keep Safe” keep itself in people’s minds as their preferred choice? That was the answer we were tasked to find.  

The Solution

While most other brands were building on the scare, clinically, we decided to counter the gloom that had set in, with vibrancy – in look and also in tone.  The product lit up the screens (remember, it’s a D2C brand) and was hard to ignore. And once we got the eyeballs, the product delivered to the promise. With quirky lines, but clear facts and benefits and an arresting visual world, “Keep Safe” created a space for itself. And also put a little colour back in the world. 

  • Logo
  • Website
  • E-Commerce Portal
  • Still & Video Shoots
  • Social Media Comms
  • Brand Identity
  • Amazon A+ Content

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