Created the most promising brand campaign for Malabar Gold & Diamonds!

Fair Price Promise by Malabar Gold & Diamonds
The Task

How can MGD break the misnomer around jewellery pricing and establish its 10 Fair Price Promises through 1 single campaign that captures the cultural nuances of 5 different regions?

The Solution

Our rigour began with conducting research with consumers across 5 regions and sales staff and picking up finer cultural nuances around jewellery buying and pricing. We further transformed these verbatims into nuances through ensemble, dialogues and scripts. The result was a cracking brand film that captured the cultural touches beautifully, overtones of jewellery buying, demystified the fair pricing and bargaining, and echoed the 10 Fair Price Promises in a simple, understandable and relatable way in a single film. 

The simple yet powerful film was seamlessly captured in 5 different languages and 95 edits with cultural nuances from each region/people holding on to the core messaging of the Fair Price Promise. 

  • Brand film
  • 95 cohort based edits
  • Reels, Stories and Shorties
  • Still Photography
  • Model Photography
  • Print Ad
  • OOH
  • In-store branding

“40+ million cumulative views on YouTube”
“500+ GRP on Television”

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