A campaign blessed by Mother Nature and benefitting the Consumer.

Viatarna – Brochure
The Task

Green Spaces is into building premium properties across naturally-gifted, scenic locations in Maharashtra. And true to the name, their properties do not disrupt the ecological balance of the place, but are rather designed to be enveloped in nature, creating a unique blend of modern living spaces nestled amongst nature. A feat already demonstrated with Grape County and Viveda. 

For their next venture, they acquired massive parts of land surrounding Vaitarna Dam – a piece of heavenly landscape surrounded by lush greens, magical highlands and clear waters. And they wanted to invite affluent people from Mumbai, Pune and Nashik to look at this option as their second home, a peaceful haven from the chaos of these megacities. 

An offering too hard to resist for anyone who is looking for this lifestyle and can afford it as well. 

Just one little thing – While the scenery is out of a fairy tale book, there were no home structures to show. What do the interested customers buy into? 

Well, a tricky spot we found ourselves into, but as they say – Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations.  

The Solution

People buy into an idea that appeals to them, first. And if that’s done, everything else is cool breeze. So that is what we set out to do, sell the dream of living amongst the treasures of Mother Nature, in the lap of luxury. Taking a page out of Nat Geo playbook, we developed a Coffee Table Book. We shot pictures, gathered local stories, captured culture, reimagined legends over a period of 7-8 months to populate the book. We, sold the destination! Having a second home in such a place became the first thing on the list of those who were interested. And before the first foundation stone was laid, we had a house full of interested parties. 

Mission accomplished.  


The Dubai Govt. took a page out of our proverbial book to activate their ideas.  

A Win for Us. A Win for the Client. A Win for Customers. A Win for Dubai Government. A Win for Mother Nature!

  • Coffee Table Book
  • Launch Strategy
  • Visual World
  • Still Shoot
  • Videos
  • Print Collaterals

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