Celebrating the Gen Z girl. Celebrating the rare in her.

PGI – Social Media
The Task

Platinum Guild International wanted to position its brand Platinum Evara as jewellery of choice for the self-assured Gen Z girl. Made of platinum, a rare metal, the architecture was defined in a way that clearly drew parallels between the characteristics of the metal vis-à-vis the attribute of the TG – Very Rare. Very You. The task was to carry this narrative of rarity forward to strengthen the proposition but say it in a manner that’s fresh and connects seamlessly with the TG’s life, every single time. 

The Solution

After a deep dive into the life of the TG, we emerged with multiple insights into the way the Gen Z girl thought, conducted herself, her aspirations, what’s important to her and the choices she makes to shape herself.  One thing was clear, this Gen Z girl puts herself as her priority, and brimming with self-confidence she is not seeking any validation from anyone. So instead of echoing what multiple other brands were repeating, assuring this girl, Platinum Evara decided to celebrate her confidence, her achievements, her journey, her authenticity, her sass, her style, her way of doing things… Her! Everything that made her rare. 

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