With love, from Heavens

The Task

Malabar came up with a unique product design which included smaller diamonds put together in a way that it created an illusion of a big one, with bigger, brighter sparkles. Our task was to design communication for this collection that’d bring the proposition to life, in words and visuals. 

The Solution

Inspired by the product and drawing parallels from the proverbial heavens, i.e. the sky above, where numerous stars twinkle to form one dreamy visual, ‘Sparkles of Heaven’ was conceptualised. Led by a visually stunning film, the idea was robust enough to straddle through multiple collaterals, each one as stunning as the other. A treat for the senses. A temptation, seemingly from the heavens.  


  • Brand Identity & Proposition
  • TVC
  • Still Photography
  • Print, OOH & Collats
  • Reels, Stories & Shorties

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