Shining amongst strong home-grown brands. Shining strong.

The Task

Maharashtra, a state where jewellery forms an integral part of the culture, is a crucial market for Malabar.  While Malabar is also known for designs which have a strong affinity with culture, the market was dominated by local, homegrown brands.  So how can Malabar, with no home advantage, create a mark for itself and get into the consideration set of the Maharashtrian jewellery buyer? 

The Solution

Through multiple researches and interviews we identified that Mangalsutra was a piece of jewellery which was the perfect example of culture, aspirations and designs, all blended together. And “The Mangalsutra Festival” was conceived. Now it had to be presented in a way, that appealed to the TG across the length and breadth of the state. For this, we roped in Prarthana Behere, a famous Marathi Film & TV personality to deliver the message. And delivered it was, in a fun quirky way, where one by one people are first awed by designs prompting them to ask “From where?” and then pleasantly surprised when the answer came as “Malabar”. In one fell swoop, what was slated to be a purely tactical campaign, did a double whammy and solved the brand problem also. 

  • TVC
  • Still Photography
  • Print, OOH & Collats
  • Reels, Stories & Shorties

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