Defining the Global Brand Guidelines for Yokohama Off-Highway Tires.

Yokohama Off-highway Tires
The Task

Yokohama Off-highway tires had acquired ATG globally. ATG came with multiple brands, sub-brands and product brands overlapping each other. The daunting task was simplifying and unifying them into a brand architecture strategy. 

The Solution

The task required us to deep-dive into each brand, sub-brand, and product brand. All 4 brands (Yokohama, Galaxy, Primex and Alliance) had overlapping products, and some of the product brands were larger than the core brand in certain markets. To differentiate them, we adopted the archetype theory and defined each brand’s archetype (character), crafted a unique tone of voice, type of imagery, and typeface for each brand. Further, we created a hierarchy of product brands to unify the architecture and created a simple and distinct architecture for each of the 4 brands. 

  • Brand Strategy
  • Sub-brand Strategy
  • Brand Architecture
  • Global Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Book

"This rebranding exercise collectively reflects our successful past while embracing new age values."

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