Creating content that is informative, interesting and stands out as a social currency in otherwise vanilla category.

Kotak Mutual Fund – Tera tax katega!
The Task

Kotak Mutual Fund is always on the lookout for creating content that can be interesting and informative therefore breaking the clutter of educational social content which is identical to every other mutual fund brand.

Our task was to create opportunities that are anchored in consumer truth and create shareable content.

The Solution

As a part of our content research, we found that Tax season was approaching, and most companies have their HR’s sending notifications to their employees to furnish the tax related documents.

This is where the actual fun starts when employees start looking for options that could help them save tax.. some of these are legit options and some are just made up..

We thought of picking this insight and creating a sticky song and music video that highlights these options in a humorous way and educates consumers to simply invest in Kotak’s tax advantage fund instead of wasting time and effort in creating these grey options with an added advantage to let the money grow.

  • Consumer research
  • Video production
  • Animation
  • Music production
  • Paid media

"350,000+ organic views and shares within 60 days of the campaign"

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