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Work from home diary: ‘It pushes you to be more organised’

by hyperconnect1 | Apr 3, 2020

Work from home diary: ‘It pushes you to be more organised’

The author lists the pros and cons of working from home

When I had first read about the fact that Hugh Hefner, in his early days of building Playboy actually started living in the office, I kept appreciating the idea. As a growing company we anyways are constantly only thinking about work. Finally, this did happen. The only twist was that office came home.

My core function is to constantly review the creative work and give my inputs. The work that we do, to a huge extent is an emotional produce. Every member in my team has a different style of approaching things. So, under the current circumstances that made things a little intricate for me. I review most ideas in a raw form, and not being able to physically talk to my team added to the complexity. While we quickly started video conferencing, it took some time to set the momentum going. We have now fairly made peace with the new life mechanism and WFH is gradually seeming as the new normal.

While we all faced the teething issues to accustom to the new WFH situation, on a positive note I have experienced that WFH pushes you to be more organised and also enhances you visualisation.

WFH has not only modified the professional way of things but has collaterally changed certain things at the personal end as well.

First the good things:
• I have a four year old son, and in the past 15 days I have been able to spend more quality time with him than ever before. We initially took sometime to figure out the coexistence of my work mode and his playtime in the common areas of the home. But, finally my son and I have made a peace treaty and I can actually attend calls while he is in the same room.

• On the health front, I have finally got my sleep schedule right after years of struggle and I have been eating all my meals on time, like all 5 meals.

• I have also taken up the responsibility to do the dishes and cook one meal a day, and that actually is quite relaxing.

• Every day, we plan to watch a movie together post dinner and that is awesome.

The not so good things:
• I really miss stepping out for a cutting chai, and I do miss office a lot.

• While the home food is good, I miss eating out.

• While WFH is a great experience and a learning curve for all of us, the lively work ambience and great ideation through actual face to face conversations is what I thouroughly miss.

The author is co-founder and creative head, Hyper Connect

Source: Campaign India

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