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Malabar Gold & Diamonds signifies the happiness in buying diamonds with new campaign

by hyperconnect1 | Oct 19, 2022

Jewellery brand Malabar Gold and Diamond has launched their new brand campaignThe Diamond Happiness’.

The campaign focuses on breaking the myth that diamond jewellery is expensive, and brings out the emotion of diamond gifting.

Conceptualised and executed by Hyper Connect, the campaign contains five ad films that celebrate the bond within families and loved ones with the aim to portray how a relationship becomes more meaningful when diamond jewellery is gifted.

The campaign will be amplified through a 360-degree marketing approach across touchpoints like digital, television and print, among others.

Kiran Khadke, co-founder and creative head, Hyper Connect, said, “The creative idea is that one can match the happiness of buying a diamond over any other precious jewellery. Hence, the campaign is titled ‘The Diamond Happiness’, which signifies the happiness felt when one gifts their loved ones with diamonds.”

Watch the ads here:

Source: Brand Equity

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