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How Coronavirus & Work From Home pushed Indian creatives to take up tech-based tools

by hyperconnect1 | May 5, 2020

With the coronavirus outbreak affecting the entire world, sending millions and billions of people under strict lockdown, all the economically important sectors including corporates are taking cautious measures to help curb the spread of the deadly virus further.

Almost all companies, be it any digital marketing agency or a big corporate or even an advertising firm, have announced WFH for all its employees. Earlier, it seemed little difficult to cope up with the WFH culture as we Indians are more used to reaching our respective offices and work late. However, for us a lot of our work scheduling, job status reports, briefing etc. was already happening online as we have some teams working out of client sites. So, this made our task a bit easy for our other employees.

But, what was challenging for us was the collaboration between the creative teams because the team requires to be in constant touch with each other and they have to interact continuously to build up an idea. But, when we learnt that we are left with no other option we decided to take this up as a challenge and got on to Microsoft teams. I must say that it was a seamless transition more than I expected and we could do video conference, team calls, screen sharing and all other activities with these online tools.

The Work From Home idea has pushed everyone to learn these new things which otherwise might have not been possible. All of us have been learning or finding new technology and tools to make our WFH life a little easier and interesting isn’t it?

Microsoft team works seamlessly across desktop and mobile devices, also the fact that we use Microsoft for our emails as well made the integration very easy. Now, we can track all jobs on email, invite team members for a quick audio / video calls. Considering the mobile networks these days, we prefer calls on these tools. The screen share option helps you quickly explain a point and arrive at solutions. It’s almost like getting into our conference room for a meeting. In fact, we also did a Friday evening party ritual on the video conferencing.

Another word that has entered our life is ‘Zoom Call’. Zoom, I believe, is one of the most user-friendly calling tools available in the world and even the clients are easily accessible on Zoom. It’s simple and very efficient on low bandwidths as well.

Things I observed as a change:

– The first and most important thing is that the creative team has got more organised, they are constantly checking emails and calendars for the meetings (which was predominantly considered only an account management team’s job). People have become more alert and responsive when it comes to checking mails and to be on top of it. They are not just reliable on desktop or a laptop but they have their cell emails/responses handy.

– Now the creative teams are organising quick calls within themselves every day. There is no need of setting daily reminders for the important calls.

– While most of them are quite tech savvy, earlier there was an inertia in adopting virtual work management tools, now a part of their daily routine. Everyone has made peace with the WFH culture and now they are researching for even better virtual tools to work better.

This is also pushing creative teams to visualise better in absence of physical presence. The creativity of the creative team seems to have gained motivation as they come up with even better ideas because they have more time to invest in research, reading and self-introspection.

Source: exchange4media

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