Creating a campaign that un-skips your dreams!

The Task

Mutual Funds, one of the most cluttered categories when it comes to communication, and if that isn’t too much a challenge, it’s closely guarded by the AMFI, making all communication sound the same. So… what do we do which makes Kotak stand out?

The Solution

We started with a little insight mining and figured the most basic of things – everyone has a set of dreams at any point, not just one. But they start prioritizing in a few cases and eliminating in many, the dreams they see, because it’s accepted that not every dream can be fulfilled. That became our plank. We said, if you plan each one of your dreams systematically through SIP, you can achieve them all. And who decided to come back for this one…? Mr. SIP! Yes! Mr. SIP imparted this knowledge to everyone who was juggling more than two dreams, wondering, “Kaunsa sapna skip karu?”.
And Mr. SIP breezed in saying, “Sapno ko skip nahi, SIP karo!” further explaining, setting one SIP per dream.
Delivered in a fun, quirky and insight-driven manner, the campaign not only leveraged further on Mr. SIP’s popularity, but also took the messaging 3 steps ahead.
Basically, everything came together to create a whole new communication in the category which once again positioned Kotak Mutual Fund as a brand that drives communication for the entire industry. Clients happy, agency happy and the consumers felt empowered.
Mission: Accomplished!

  • Campaign Strategy
  • TVC
  • Digital Videos
  • Social Media Management
  • Digital Ads
  • Radio Spots
  • Still Photography
  • Website
  • Channel Partner Collaterals

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