Building a 100+ Cr Edu-tech brand!

The Task

How to launch an Edu-tech brand and differentiate in the crowded online education category? 

The Solution

Online education was one of the most crowded categories in communication. Being a late entrant, Jain Online had the daunting task of getting noticed. The communication idea had to be fresh and sticky, so we began our research by talking to decision-makers and influencers. In our research, we found some ubiquitous characters who influenced the decision-making for an Online Degree Course, one was the nosy neighbourhood aunty, and another was a bro-colleague in the office! We took these characters and crafted films that were relatable, sticky and humorous. 

The first film, #AuntyApproved showcases two Indian aunties gossiping about their neighbour’s son Monty who has started an online degree course having a global curriculum from a top-ranking university, global mentors, and personal attention. They are shocked that the course is affordable and how Monty is captivated by it. Within a few days of the release, the film gained. 

The second film, #BroKnows is set up in a typical office scenario where Shekhar is informed about an MBA course his colleague/friend is taking up online to grow in his career. Shekhar is initially sceptical of the degree, but as soon as he discovers that the course is by Jain’s Online Degree, he gets worried about his friend becoming the boss. Within a few days of the release, the film garnered over 5 million views.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Launch Strategy
  • TVC
  • Brand Communication in Print & OOH
  • Website Design & Development
  • Social Media Management

“Over 9 million cumulative views on YouTube”

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