A campaign that rises above the noise during the high-decibel IPL Season.

The Task

IPL is one of the biggest sporting extravaganzas that happens annually. And hence, the perfect time for brands to make their presence felt as there’s a captive audience, already. Acko, with sponsorship agreements with 3 IPL teams (Delhi Capitals, Gujarat Titans & Kolkata Knight Riders) has been consistent in that regards for the past couple of years. IPL 24 wasn’t any different. Even the challenges were the same – 4 hours with each team, where they are staying, in their kit and the biggest catch – the players can’t say the brand name.
But the output expected was different.
This brief was all about optimizing the resources at our disposal and create as much content, selling brand USPs, as possible.
Oh… and of course the films had to be entertaining, to say the least.

The Solution

With “Atko mat, get ACKO.” we took the game head on. We identified the pain points of other brands and through interestingly crafted communication, positioned ACKO as the painkiller. 4 master films, 6 shorties, 9 reels, 2 photoshoots, countless hours of meticulous planning and 20 bucketloads of fun later, this campaign stands as one of the best campaigns to come out of agency. We did not atko in the challenges, rather used the opportunity to create some groundbreaking work that resonated with the audience, worked wonders for the brand and ofcourse satisfied our creative acumen. And also catered to our fanboy-ism as we got to work with some of the greats of the game.
But most importantly, spread out organically, without any media push, the campaign managed to gather an average VTR of 60%.
Well, some records were broken off the field as well in this record breaking edition of IPL ’24.

  • Campaign Strategy
  • TVC
  • Digital Films
  • Still Photography
  • Social Media Assets
  • Print Collaterals

“Irrespective of all the constraints, every piece of content, big or small, needed to be hard working for the brand and we were happy to partner with Hyper Connect who worked around the constraints and came up with the idea to use the impactful and magical voice of Jameel Khan (Gullak fame) to deliver our key messages.”

Prateek Malpani - Senior Director, Brand Marketing Acko

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