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Set Wet wants to engage with the GenZ in a relevant way while keeping the brand at the core.

#ThodaZayadaHoGaya by Set Wet
#ThodaZayadaHoGaya by Set Wet
#ThodaZayadaHoGaya by Set Wet


2021 was unexpected in a lot of ways for a lot of people so instead of creating a regular ad, we created a sticky year end rap video with Instagram sensation Ronit Ashra that took a quirky take on all the events that happened in 2021 amidst Covid from cricket to politics to Bollywood to global events with an emotionally tugging campaign idea of #ThodaZyadaHoGaya.  


  • Impressions – 4 million
  • Reach – 2.5 million
  • 2 min Video Views – 1.5 million ​
  • Engagement – 100K​
  • Reshared by over 100 meme pages organically
  • Special feature on Mad over Marketing

Checkout our campaign here  – #ThodaZyadaHoGaya


#ThodaZayadaHoGaya by Set Wet

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