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Objective //

How do you position a Beer Festival amongst so many Beer Festivals in the country and that too in the city known for its Wine and Wine Fests?


  • Event IP
  • Identity Design
  • Digital Campaign
  • Microsite
  • Merchandise
  • Post-Event Film
Oktobrew – Beer Fest IP
Oktobrew – Beer Fest IP


The entire approach was to make this immersive festival into the coolest Beer Fest in the country. We took a leaf from the 1st edition of Beer Fest and rebranded the whole fest with a lot of pop and funk.

We created exclusive ‘froth-heads’ that went on our communication and merchandises. We connected with all the party people through immersive video, socially-enabled website, and influencer engagement.

Bringing the experience alive through transmedia storytelling way the key paired with digital media partnerships like Curly Tales, Insider, Book My Show, and other travel & lifestyle influencers.


Oktobrew is now India’s biggest craft brew fest and a well-known festival that people look forward to. There was bigger participation and engagement on digital with cross-promotion with artists, influencers and participating breweries and brands, and the tickets were sold out in no time.

Oktobrew – Beer Fest IP
Oktobrew – Beer Fest IP
Oktobrew – Beer Fest IP


We retain the iconic Oktobrew logo and change the theme annually to refresh the designs for every edition.

Oktobrew – Beer Fest IP
Oktobrew – Beer Fest IP
Oktobrew – Beer Fest IP
Oktobrew – Beer Fest IP


From online to on-ground we seamlessly carried forward our design to make it look distinctly Oktobrew.

Digital Campaign

We create quirky and fun communication and partner collaterals to create a buzz digitally.

Oktobrew – Beer Fest IP

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