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Objective //

Every Mutual Fund has a Balanced Advantage Fund, they technically and fundamentally offer identical consumer benefit. How can Kotak Mutual Fund communicate a differentiated message?

  • Product Launch Strategy
  • Brand Idea
  • Digital Films
  • Digital Media
  • Social Media Management
Kotak Balanced Advantage Fund
Kotak Balanced Advantage Fund


We approached the brief drawing analogy from FMCG communication and emerged with a simple idea that cuts ice across audiences and explains the end benefit in the most simple and relatable way.

Kotak Balanced Advantage Fund adjusts equity & debt ratio automatically based on market conditions giving investors the ease of investing without having to time or understand the in-depth market hence, It’s Automatic!

The simple message then draws an analogy to easily relatable automatic products like a washing machine, automatic car, or an AC and explains the benefits to the investors via series of videos, contextual blogs, and social media content.


The FMCG styled communication received immediate recognition from investors, financial advisors alike and soon became a benchmark in Mutual Fund Product communication. The product also saw an aggressive uptake and  continues a double-digit growth MoM.

Kotak Balanced Advantage Fund
Kotak Balanced Advantage Fund
Kotak Balanced Advantage Fund

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