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BRIEF22 | Ankur Pujari, Hyper Connect Asia: Be disciplined, patient and always be ready for the growth

by hyperconnect1 | Feb 21, 2022

Brief22 by Ankur Pujari, Hyper Connect Asia

Looking Back

2021 was definitely better than 2020 for sure as we were better prepared for the new normal. India leapfrogged on digitization due to the lockdown and this resulted in new businesses & services popping out, new products being introduced, surge in content, edu-tech and this gave tail-winds to businesses like ours which was anchored into digital.

From growth perspective it was a bumper year for us as we grew fastest in last 5 years during this period on the back of consumers moving to digital platforms, e-commerce brands & services mushrooming across and lockdown making people stay at home and consuming content, staples and conspicuous products. With growing business our team size also doubled and we cross the 60 team member mark with an increase in topline of 2x.

We did better than expected as 2020 was the year of unpredictability so we had kept humble targets for 2021 but with the digital economy on steroids, we exceeded our expectations in people, businesses and overall honing our core areas of expertise.


Brief22 – Looking Forward

There’s no doubt 2022 will be a big year infact the next 3-5 years will be bumper years for India… A simple indicator of this is the current stock market indices that are breaking new levels every month. The surge of retail new investors shows that there is money in the market that is being invested in the future companies..

The demographic dividend with a stable IT & Banking led workforce has good disposable income to spend in the market (E-comm growth is a clear indicator of growing spends). These spends will push new players to enter and in a growing market space with increased competition brand becomes the biggest differentiator… This is where we are placed… right at the cusp of growth for these companies.

Brief22 – Priorities, going ahead

With rapid digitisation our key priority will be to lap up new businesses that are on rocket fuel like e-com, edu-tech, gaming, add new talent, nurture them for the next phase of growth and most importantly bring new products/services and innovation in our offering to be future ready.

Advice for young professionals

Young professionals are living in the best times, with India changing at a rapid pace, digitisation taking over and distribution becoming easier.. They have an opportunity to make it big.. If there’s anytime to make it big in India.. it’s now. They need to stay calm, carve a niche for themselves and just continue this journey.. By the sheer push of the external factors of the India’s consumption dividend they will get a launch in the orbit.


Brief22 – Learnings and realizations across 2021

2021 taught me personally to be disciplined, patient and always be ready for the growth.. you never know when an opportunity might come your way and launch you in a bigger orbit.. So continue to stay focused, calm and take the right opportunity with right people.

Additional thoughts

2020 & 2021 has taught us to be more human and respect the ecosystem around us. Imagine a flu virus can bring world to a screeching halt, we should be humble and cognizant towards our ecosystem and enjoy every moment in time.

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